Coordinating Centre

The MCRN functions as a national one-stop shop for anyone who wishes to be engaged in paediatric drug research in the Netherlands. The MCRN can provide advice and support on all aspects of pediatric trial design and management, including:

  • Grant application
  • Study design
  • Protocol development
  • Feasibility
  • IRB submission
  • Legislation
  • Data analysis of clinical studies
  • Reporting to Data Safety Monitoring Boards

The MCRN  consultation activities are operated in close collaboration with the experts within the MCRN Platforms and Clinical Study Groups.

Coordinating Centre Staff

We are pleased to present the team of the Medicines for Children Research Network (MCRN) Coordinating Centre:

paediatrician/director Dr. Saskia de Wildt
pharmacologist Dr Edwin Spaans
coordinator Mrs. Tjitske van der Zanden